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Looking for something to sink your feet into?

WALK is a brilliantly absurd exploration of the (in)ability to move freely and unobserved in city spaces. This intermedial performance played between the physical and digital space looks at the duality of anonymity and individuality, quests perceptions of self and asks "how you find your feet in a world built for you to fall?" Utilising live camera and projection alongside original sound design, Walk is a bold and enigmatic performance.

Creative Team

Creator & Performer - Ellie Higgins

Dramaturgy/Direction - Maddie Ross

Movement Director - Jorja Follina

Sound Design - Tongyenwan Wu (Parasol)

Pianist - Eleanor Cozens

Lighting Design - George Parker

Graphic Design - Camille Davison

Audience Review EdFringe

"Exceptional, funny and moving multi-media art that's interactive and wholly original. Walk taps into the collective anxiety of finding yourself and becoming comfortable with how you present yourself to the world."

Audience Review EdFringe

"Fantastic piece of theatre that explores the ideas of how women are meant to walk through and navigate the world in 2023. Ellie creatively crafts her journey through five 'tip toe top tips' with a beautiful stage presence that is calming as well as playful and inviting."

Audience Review EdFringe

"Ellie was such a charismatic presence in the room and I felt that I was never wanting to look away, both because I didn't want to miss anything and because I was afraid of what she was going to do next! Incredibly thought-provoking, unsettling and surreal in the best way!"

Previous performances include the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023 (Greenside Venues), FemFest Brighton 2023 and Manchester Metropolitan University MA Showcase 2022.

WALK is available to tour, please contact for details.

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